Why use Panza?

1. Location and Warehouse: Our NEW distribution facility, just under 100,000 square feet, consisting of refrigerated, freezer and dry storage is strategically located in the Raritan Center Industrial Park in Edison, New Jersey. This location is ideally situated along the central New Jersey corridor and allows for quick access to all major highways within the state while still being only three miles from New York City. In addition, our location provides us with good access to all major deep water ports within the tri-state area, as well as several international airports. Eighteen common carriers, as well as United Parcel, are located at our doorstep and provide fast, dependable transportation of our products throughout the eastern half of the United States.

2. One Stop Shopping: We're a Full-Service Distributor to the Ice Cream Industry. Our fleet of refrigerated trucks enables our company to deliver a broad range of products. Combining refrigerated, frozen and dry products on one delivery gives you the availability of "One Stop Shopping," with everything on one delivery and billed on one invoice. This can help you to spend more time being in the business of running your business.

3. 98.9% Fill Ratio with Fresh Products: With our fully computerized inventory control systems, we take pride in minimizing "out of stocks" and "short shipments." Utilizing the FIFO (first in, first out) Method of rotating inventory, we provide consistently fresh products. All orders are double checked before loading to reduce the chance of lost or missing cases. Merchandise shipped via common carrier is shipped palletized and shrink wrapped to minimize product pilfering, product damage and lost merchandise.

4. One Day Lead Time: Unlike most distribution companies, we require only one day lead time for your delivery. Orders can be placed as late as 4:15 P.M. today for processing this evening and shipped tomorrow. No guessing several days in advance at what you will need and hope that you’ve guessed right by the time you receive your order.

5. Quality Ice Cream and Dairy Mixes: Panza label Ice Cream and Shake Mixes, Custard Mixes, fat free, low calorie "Today" Mixes, fat & sugar free Mixes, Sherbet Mix, Ice Milk Mixes and Super Shake Blend, have been formulated over the years to our rigid Panza specifications. Constant laboratory analysis, plant inspections and auditing of production records helps to insure and maintain our quality standards. "We will not compromise, when it comes to quality." It has been our motto and our strength for over Three Decades. Please read the ingredient label on our mixes; we are proud of them. Only the finest in fresh dairy ingredients are used in our premium line of mixes. Buying mix from another supplier? 

6.Frequent Deliveries: We provide delivery to customers on an "as needed" basis on refrigerated as well as dry products. All customers are delivered on preset delivery days. Frequent deliveries allow you to maintain lower levels of inventory while minimizing the amount of dollars, as well as space tied up in your back room. Lower inventory levels can also help improve your cash flow and improve profits.

7. Dependable Deliveries: We Utilize only the finest and most professional common carriers for delivery of our products to you. All deliveries are made as "inside deliveries" so that your employees aren’t out in your parking lot, unloading your merchandise from a truck. All merchandise is shipped on pallets and shrink wrapped to minimize breakage and pilfering. The common carriers we use are the best in the industry. They have to be because, we know that you are counting on us.

8. We are the Largest Because We are the Best: Although we’re not a dairy, we distribute more Ice Cream, Yogurt and Diet Mixes every year than most dairies produce. How much? Enough to serve a regular size portion every 1.9 seconds of every minute, every hour of every day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year! We don’t bake cones but we do distribute more of them each year than most cone companies can possibly bake. We do not manufacture sundae toppings, purees, extracts and bases but we do purchase and sell more of these items than most distributors in the United States. We are not a paper supply house but we are one of the largest distributors of disposable products in the northeast region. Why? That’s simple. "We are the largest because we are the best." Read the ingredient label! If you find Whey, Whey Powder, Frozen Cream or Butter, you might be loosing sales because of poor quality.¬†Better give us a call, but do it right away because, "Business is tough and Quality can make the difference when it comes to keeping your customer."

9. We’re no Strangers to Your Business: Our company has served the Ice Cream Industry consistently since 1965. Our Sales Representatives have owned or operated retail Ice Cream stores and have learned through "hands-on experience" to be more than just salespeople. Whether it comes to marketing strategies, formulating products and flavors, making novelties, or selling ideas and suggestions, the Panza Sales Team is ready to be more than "just your supplier."

10. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: A. Panza & Sons, Ltd., has provided the industry with Quality and Service for over thirty five years. We have never failed to meet our customers’ ever changing demands for products and service. As business trends and conditions change, we are ready to change for you and with you as we have in the past, and as we will continue to do in the future.